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Bring Me Home

Bring me home – so I may lie beneath the soil for which I died – beneath the sun of liberty – beneath the flag that set me free –

Bring me home from foreign lands – where slumber is no place for man who freely gave his life for thee –

Bring me home – let me be in arems of flowers planted still – upon the grassy green of hill – where memories of me still live –

Bring me home – give to me the thanks of all – who live beneath freedom's call – who recognize my gift of life – so others may live free of strife –

Bring me home – I plead and pray – and let me sleep till final day when all are called to come back home – when no one shall lie alone – when all the world is set free –

Bring me home –

Please bring me home – I cry to thee –

By Barbara Despres
May 27, 2008